The best things in life are Free!

The Gathering

The festival is not being held in 2016. The good news is the Horowhenua is now an official freedom camping region and Kimberley Reserve is open for you to camp or park your camper-van...for free!!

Just rock on up with your friends, musical instrument, yoga mat, massage table, BBQ or whatever over Wellington Anniversary Weekend and SHARE the experience.

Please respect everyone, no noisy generators or motorbikes, keep your camping area compact and follow the camping guidelines.

With a bit of common sense a bunch of people can gather together have fun and make it up as we go...see what happens!


What to expect

The Organic gathering is all about hanging out with friends and family, expressing your creativity, being part of the "do it yourself" Organic Variety Shows...on the stage or in the audience...and celebrating mid-summer in a natural setting.


Just fill out the freedom camping form PDF