About Us

We are taking a break....


Wonderful things manifest when you are in tune with the ebb and flow of life. Organics is the understanding of this finely tuned structure be it an expression of music, the arts, food, wine, spirituality, business or environment.

Mission Statement - To learn, as a species, to respect and live in harmony with our environment so as to leave it in a better state for future generations to enjoy.

What to expect

The Organic festival is all about raising your awareness about what is going on right now and what we can do to make the world around us a better place. Also... to enjoy a variety of music and food, get inspired, hang out with friends and celebrate mid-summer. We put a lot of effort to make it a safe environment for children as well as responsible people out for a good time. Woofers traditionally gather and help out at the festival each year.
It’s about like-minded people getting together like we have done since the dawn of time, stepping back from the crazy, enjoying the good life and taking the experience with you.....


The Eco Fest Education Charitable Trust (Ecofest) was established in 2000 to promote care of the environment, encourage conscious awareness, and give up and coming musicians and artists the opportunity to be discovered by holding an annual family friendly festival.
We search the planet to find out what’s really going on and invite inspirational speakers. We were the first festival in NZ to introduced Zero Waste to events, and encouraged stall holders to have eco friendly products.
Fourteen years down the track we have observed a revolution in organics and environmental awareness and the relationship we have with the planet but we have only scratched the surface. The future is challenging & exciting as we endeavour to inform, educate and entertain in a vibrant environment.

The Organic River Festival has taken us on a wonderful roller coaster ride. Every year we start with bare paddock and have to bring in the entire infrastructure, generators, marquees, water tankers and all the rest of it, hook the whole lot up and go for it. The show goes on, evolves and is always a vibrant, exciting adventure.